It’s better to Sweat in Training then to Bleed in Battle!

We provide an extensive a one-day training workshop for your new recruits.
As many recruits move quickly to be the dealerships Top Producers.

Training Service:

One-Day workshop for new hires recruited, provides the needed Auto-Sales 101 training & motivation that provides your new team the essentials to get off on the right foot.
The hours of the workshop are 9am – 4pm.

Sales Career Opportunity:

Explanation of sales opportunity, the demographics of the customer and how to deliver outstanding customer service.Welcome to Your New Dealership. Intro to the store’s history and management structure.


Thoroughly explains Dealership Terminologies, (CRM, BDC,CSI, Business office, etc.) Great confidence building.

Your Success:

Success is your obligation. The 35 habits of the Top Producer 35 habits of the Bottom Producer. The importance of marketing yourself. The importance of daily Tracking. Explanation of the Dealership’s sales process and the importance of Listening & Following instructions. Sample write-ups, credit statements etc. Provided by your store.

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I am highly impressed with the services provided by sampsondirect. Outstanding quality services with great customer support.. highly recommend their services.

Amanda Seyfried
Sales & Marketing, BlueSky Ltd.
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